How is SETforMARRIAGE.com different from other dating sites?

We are looking for only one kind of member – the person (at least 18 years old) who is ready to find their potential spouse. Someone who is set for marriage (clever, huh?).

Aren’t all online dating sites for people who want to get married?

No! Most sites are focused only on you as a single person. And that’s really how they want you to stay - SINGLE! As soon as you enter into a serious relationship, they’ve lost you as a paying customer. They may brag about how many marriages they’ve fostered, but the accounting department considers it bad news!

We want to equip you to not only find THE ONE, we want to help prepare and support you as you spend the rest of your life with that person. When you join SETforMARRIAGE.com, we stick with you for the long haul. And we’re constantly building improvements and nurturing communities on our site to prove that.

At SETforMARRIAGE.com, we mean what we say. Marriage is awesome! We love it when marriages happen. We don’t care what our account department says. We want to be known, first and foremost, as the site that is truly all about the awesomeness of marriage. If we’re successful with that, the rest takes care of itself.

Is your site open to same-sex marriage?

Yes. If same-sex marriages are legal in your country, and a committed same-sex marriage is what you are seeking; we want to be there to help. We are a site of encouragement, grace, and freedom (see next question, below).

We have various points of view among those in our senior staff. That being said, we are singularly committed to showing encouragement and grace. Not prejudice. We do not pre-judge. We are here to show love to all, and to show the best attributes of our points of view.

Is this site specifically a Christian marriage site?

No. But as referenced in the question above, we are also strong believers of freedom. And that means freedom of religion expression. For example, we may show a strong Christian point of view at particular times, but we’re not here to initiate or support debates. And we don’t make it policy to express our (or our contributor’s) religious beliefs if it means being intolerant, judgmental or belittling. There is plenty of that in cyberspace already. We believe in ALWAYS striving to put our best foot forward in terms of grace, love and encouragement (and that includes all beliefs). We have no problem with any belief system being represented when it is promoting and encouraging awesome marriages and not pitting itself against another belief system.

That being said, if the very nature of the religious expression draw your ire and your reactions show any hint of intolerance, prejudice, or belittling, then we will remove or hide your comments. It’s that simple. There is nothing forcing you to participate. But why not soak it in, regardless? You never know – there might be a small nugget of wisdom that you would’ve otherwise missed out on. A wise person can learn from any situation.

You mention “Dynamic Interaction” on your site. What is that?

Dynamic Interaction is an approach unique to SETforMARRIAGE.com. It’s about our members what most dating sites cannot – the ability to see a member’s personality come out dynamically and yet, casually. You see, other dating sites show you a list of profiles. And really there’s not much else that might allow you to become more familiar with them in a passive setting – to learn their sense of humor, or to see how they respond beyond what they’ve put up on their profile page. You might as well be looking at real estate listings.

For example – let’s say you see someone new at work. You think they’re sort of attractive, but a week later they say something funny in a meeting, or you find out that they like the same movies that you like. Suddenly, you’re really attracted to them.

Our site has built-in methods for you to see their personality come out dynamically, without making a huge leap into their personal space. Not only is this similar to how the offline world works, but it is also very similar to the way that popular social media sites work. With our built-in ability to allow members to have followers, you can interact without being exclusive. They (your followers) can see you post about the same sorts of things that you would post on sites like Facebook or Twitter.

What does it mean to “Follow” someone, and how to I do it?

Following someone means you are interested enough in getting to know them that you want to be in the loop of their activity. You can follow a member by clicking the Follow button on the member’s profile, and on your News Feed, you will have the ability to receive notifications each time this member updates their status or adds a new photo (and that’s just the beginning!). You also do not need their consent (though they have the ability to “Hide” you). You are simply showing interest.

What is a “Wink”?

A “Wink” is a way to let someone know they caught your eye. You can send someone a wink by clicking the Wink button on their profile.

What is the News Feed?

Similar to other social media sites, like Facebook, our News Feed gives you the ability to see comments and posts from the members that you follow, members in your search criteria, and news exclusively from SETforMARRIAGE.com – all according to your preferences. You even have the ability to “Like” or “Comment” on posts WITHOUT having to be directly connected to them.

Can I hide a member if I don’t want them to “Follow” me?

Absolutely. We want this to be a positive experience for you. Just click the “Hide” link on the members’ profile page, or underneath their posts, or comments. We make it easy.

If I “Like” or comment on someone’s post that I’m interested in, won’t other members (my rivals, perhaps) also see my “Likes” and comments?

Definitely not. Only the posting member will see all comments. There is never a reason for two members to see each other’s comments or “Likes” directed toward the same person.

Can I restrict who sees my posts?

We give you the ability, but why would you want to? You never know who may LOL at that amazingly clever post of yours, or that photo of you showing off your cooking skills (you’ll thank us when you catch the unexpected eye of a fellow foodie!).

What if I want to interact more directly?

You can send private messages very easily on our site. From there – well, you’re on your own. Although, you might want to check our blog and Facebook page for some nifty dating tips!

Why can’t I add a description about myself without having to pay for a membership?

Quite simply, we have put together what we think is an outstanding site, with outstanding features for safe secure interaction. The problem is two-fold: We get many fake profiles attempting to spam our members (see next question “Hmmmm – something doesn’t seem right…”). And it's too tempting for free members to take advantage of our platform by putting in personal contact info. This not only takes advantage of our database of people like you—who are committed to finding "the one”—but it also circumvents the awesome features that we have built in to this site to give you all an environment for safe and engaging interaction. And quite frankly, if you’re REALLY committed to finding a committed relationship, then we feel that paying our modest prices (in some cases less than a single dinner for two in a semi-fancy restaurant) should be an easy decision for you. Let the hookup sites offer the quick cheap avenue for the quick cheap hookup. We’re committed to your commitment.

Hmmm – something doesn’t seem right about this profile – could it be fake?

It happens in the online dating world. A lot. We have many filtering technologies built into the site, but these buggers still keep slipping through. Please report them here (need more info), and we’ll take them off as quickly as possible.

On the search page, there is something called “My Default Search. ” What is this and why should I care?

Your default search is the search criteria that you have saved and have designated as your main (or ideal) criteria. This is helpful most specifically in regards to who and what you see on your News Feed (see above, “What is the News Feed?”).

This seems an awful lot like Facebook? I’m already on Facebook – why do I need ANOTHER social media site in my life?

That’s a very relevant question. And here is an equally relevant answer… Because looking for love is a big chunk of the social scene for a single person who is actively looking. Trust us - you want to have this as a major part of your online social network. And it’s okay that it’s separate from your Facebook and Twitter worlds. Sure there are relationships that Facebook is responsible for fostering. But for really focusing your attention towards ONLY those who are ALSO looking for their potential spouse… we cannot be beat.

What is the difference between a free membership and a subscription?

A free membership includes: * Ability to customize a free profile page with your photos, Likes, and Interests. * Ability to search through existing profiles, including pictures * Ability to send unlimited winks * Ability to save your favorite searches * Ability to Follow members and receive updates on their activity.

A paid subscription includes all of the above features plus: * Ability to send a direct communication to another member * Ability to post links, text, or photos into your personal profile news feed.

What are the paid subscription options?
  • $17/month for 6 month subscription (Billed $102 at each payment)
  • $20/month for a 3 month subscription (Billed $60 at each payment)
  • $35/month (Billed at $35 each payment)
If I am a current user, how will my profile transfer to the new site?

As a current user: We will transfer your photos and selective profile information over to the new version. We will attempt to associate your previously stated interests in Movies, Music, and Shows to the existing Facebook Interest Tag with Icon. Any entries we are unable to associate, you will be asked to update those sections upon your next log in.

I cancelled my account and want to re-activate. Do I have to create a whole new profile or is my information saved?

Of course not! Your profile will be saved and accessible with your email. To reactivate a deactivated account, login and update your profile status from Deactivated to Activated on the Edit Profile page. Your profile will now be visible to all members on SETforMARRIAGE.com.

My credit card was stolen, and a profile was created under my name. How do I get a refund?

If your credit card was charged without your consent, email us at [email protected]" After verifying your credit card information we are happy to issue a full refund.

If I sign up for service and decide to cancel my account, can I be reimbursed for my payment?

If you cancel within 48 hours of signing up, we are happy to offer a full refund.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here.

How can I change my method of payment after signing up for service?

You can change and edit your method of payment at any time by going to the Billing section located in the Edit Profile page. The change will be made on the following billing cycle.

Does my subscription limit me to people in the US, or can I engage with people around the world?

SETforMARRIAGE.com has active members in 23 countries and counting, and your subscription gives you access to every profile on the site.

How do I cancel a paid subscription?

We hate to see you go! However, cancelling a paid subscription can be done at any time by going to the Billing section located in the Edit Profile page. You will have access to the site for the remainder of your billing cycle.

I forgot my username. Help!

No worries. Click here and we’ll get you all sorted out.

How do I change my username, contact, or billing information?

All personal account information can be edited on the Edit Profile page.

How can I deactivate my profile?

Your profile can be deactivated from all members by clicking the Deactivate Account link on the "Billing":/subscriptions/faq page. If you decide to reactivate your profile will be saved, and accessible with your original login credentials.

How do I contact customer care?

Customer Care can be reached by clicking the Feedback and Support link at the bottom right corner of every page. Or you can contact us directly at:

SETforMARRIAGE.com, L.L.C. P.O. Box 130681
 Houston, Texas 77219 [email protected]

How do I report inappropriate behavior on the site?

Customer Care can be reached by clicking the Feedback and Support link at the bottom right corner of every page.